Dimensions – 3D, 4D, 5D

If you’ve ever wondered what the dimensions are that people talk about…3D, 4D, 5D… here are my definitions:

  • 3D is where the ego is in control. Known as “old earth”.
  • 4D is where the spiritual awakening has happened and learning has begun. Known as the “waiting room or transition area”.
  • 5D is where love completely resides because the heart is in control. Known as “new earth”.

Dimensions are based on your spiritual growth. Mostly everyone started off in 3D. Although I do have to say that a lot of the new children coming in are of higher dimensions like 5D.

The type of parents they are born to depends on what they’re here to learn. But many will be born to 5D parents because of their mission. So they will skip the whole awakening process because they are already awake and need parents that are too. No karma for these kids as they’ve already been there and done that.

You must also realize that as your soul continues to learn, your energetic frequency also changes as you take in more light from the Universe. The more light you hold within, the higher your energy becomes. When that changes, so does the people and places surrounding you.

When you’re in 3D or “old earth” you are oblivious to your own truth. You walk around in a robot state unaware that you’re not really happy. You go through the motions of your life without giving it much of an afterthought. You allow your fears to control your choices because the mind (ego) is in control.

In 4D or “the transition area aka waiting room”, you’ve woken up to the extent that things start changing in your life as if by fate. You start to see your life and your world differently as you seem to have taken on a new perspective.

This is where you begin to see your truths therefore showing you your illusions and fears. This is the beginning of your spiritual and energetic awakening. It’s where you begin to seek out your purpose.

5D or “new earth” is where you’ve learned to be in your truth and now get to live it. You’ve healed from and understand that your fears were based on the egos need to control. You’ve learned to simply let go of them.

You’ve learned that you must follow your heart no matter where it leads you. You’ve realized why you’re here and you’re excited…filled with passion and purpose.

You are happy because now you’re living a life of joy. You’re authentically you and it feels so much better that you can’t help but smile. This brings more joy to you and things just seemingly fall into place. There is a natural flow with abundance. You feel like you are finally home because you are free of the 3D constraints.

Moving through the dimensions is a natural part of waking up. It’s about finding your truth and seeing the truth of those around you and from out in the world. While it’s not always easy, it is a necessary part of your journey as you were meant to play an active role in the transition of this planet.

The Earth is desperately trying to take back it’s power of being a peaceful, safe, loving, happy and joy filled place. And the only way that can happen is if people fulfill the roles that they came here to do. That can only happen when you are woken up in whatever way you contracted for that to happen.

So as you move from one dimension to the next, know that you have been activated into service for the Universe because you have a very important role to play. A role that you agreed to prior to arriving to Earth. That role is for you to be living your truth through your soul purpose.

So be a shining example for all the world to see because you were born to be happy. Isn’t it time you find out what brings you joy because indeed, the time is upon you.

© 2018 Luci Russo. All rights reserved.

Please feel free to share this content with others if you feel guided to do so. All that is asked is that the article remains fully intact with the author’s name and has a direct link back to the original post on newearthtruths.com.

6 thoughts on “Dimensions – 3D, 4D, 5D

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