What to expect in 2019

My dream on Christmas morning showed me a baby laying on the floor with what appeared to be a broken crib. Many people have referred to Ascension with the birthing of a baby analogy and this ties into that.

What this means is the baby is here…alive and well. You birthed it in 2018. However, because it’s still so new he or she cannot walk, crawl or talk yet. This baby needs tender loving care and to grow and learn in their own way with you at the realm.

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How I know about upcoming energy downloads…

If you’re wondering how I often know about the energy downloads ahead of time, it’s because the universe has designed it so that I experience what’s coming up before it happens.

For instance, just today I went through a massive downward spiral based on an old belief that I had. It literally sucked the life out of me. But it’s something I have battled in this life and likely previous ones.

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