Energy update 12-15 and theme for 2019

On both December 11th and 12th we had back to back energy downloads which created a seismic shift in consciousness and awareness. This has created quite a sense of upheaval in the last few days.

I’ve noticed that not only is the energy stirred up, it’s created some crazy changes. Perhaps what you’ve counted on in the past now isn’t available or it’s been delayed in some way making you think about alternatives.

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What you are fighting for

globe-304586_640When Nike made Colin Kaepernick the face of their brand, people protested on both sides. This included lighting your sneakers or other Nike product on fire or donating the clothing to the homeless (which is a worthy cause). Or perhaps boycotting Nike altogether and bashing Kaepernick for his beliefs. 

The message has been received, you’re angry either way. Yet you take what he does personally when this is his choice to make…not yours.Read More »